Amé Upcinh (pronounced - amé eupssine -) is a brand created at the end of 2016, which developed during 2017 within the Parisian incubator BGE (Fashion and design section of Paris).


I visualized this brand after spending some time in Africa and Asia with my father, who as a painter, traveled frequently through these continents looking for clay and new pigments for his artwork.

The clothes that I envision and create are highly influenced by traditional, contemporary and old garments from Africa, Europe and the world . It is a  mix of pure lines, minimalism, modernity, and tradition.


If the collection remains sober, the audacity is no less present. My project starts from this desire to revive forgotten outfits and to highlight a heritage, which is in the process of vanishing.

Emma Chupin, founder of « Amé Upcinh », quickly became passionate about the History of clothing and textiles through her times and her culture. It is during several trips that She discovers this richness. Following this, she started studying and researching through ages of archives looking for inspiration in order to give birth to her very first collection.